Punch press safety

The following is a list of products that we offer that are available for press machines. Please note that many of our products come in a variety of sizes and can be made to measure. Please take a look at our PDF catalog for more information.


Punch presses can be one of the most dangerous machines in the work place. The action on these machines is usually very fast and once set in motion, can not be stopped. Ferndale can supply a turn key package including fixed guards, safety light curtains, two hand button station, and complete electrical system.

Product Code Description Sample Image

Safeguard for punch press with metal frame and shockproof grate. The front side can be opened. At both sides sliding iron rods allow work pieces of different dimensions. Provided with microswitch system. Sizes on request.



Two hand button electrical safety system. Can be adapted to other machines as well. Full category 3 or 4 safety device depending on application.


Requires operator to press both buttons simultaneously within 500ms of each other.










Light curtain elecrical safety device. Installed on the machine and halts the machine if the light beam is broken e.g by a body part.