Grinders Guards and Shields

Grinders are hazardous and dangerous machines. Not only can a grinding wheel shatter but sparks and grinding dust can be ejected at great speed. 90% of the times we do safety surveys the guards that come with new grinders are missing or they are moved out of the way and never used. This is due to the fact that these shields are usually clumsy devices, made of Plexiglas that becomes opaque from the dust and sparks, and they are not very easy to work with.


Our guards are noticeably different. They are made of tough materials that withstand industrial environments. They are also available in laminated safety glass versions that do not darken and pit like plastic shields do. Finally we offer interlocked shields that turn off the grinder when opened or do not allow the grinder to start when in the open position.


The following is a list of products that we offer that are available for grinding machines. Please note that many of our products come in a variety of sizes and can be made to measure. Please take a look at our PDF catalog for more information.


Product Code Description Sample Image
MO/1 Shown here is a safety guard for bench top grinders. This guard includes swiveling mounting bracket that is easy to fit. Two screens can be installed in under half an hour. Screen size is 130 mm x 130 mm. TF
MO/2 This is the same type of guard as the MO/1, with a larger shield size. Screen size 140 x 180 mm. TFM

Positive action, interlocked safety shields for grinders. Adjustable mounting arm is provided for easy mounting behind the grinder. Shields are only available with laminated safety glass. Bright, halogen work lights are available as an option.

Screen size 140 x 180 mm.

MO/2 L Design is the same as model MO/2 above but with a high intensity halogen lamp included. POL