Motor starter boxes

Motor starter boxes


Why do you need a motor starter box?

  1. A motor starter prevents machine and motors from starting back up after a power failure.
    OSHA does recognize NFPA 79:7.5.3 that states, to prevent accidental or unintentional restarting of a machine requires all machines to have a magnetic starter. On machines such as drill presses and grinders that use mechanical power switches like those of a light switch, the power connection is always maintained until a person physically pushes a button or flips a switch. If a power failure happens, the machine will turn off because it has no electricity from the outlet. The danger happens when the power comes back on and the machine turns on automatically. Motor starters prevent the machine from starting up by automatically resetting the circuitry and unloading the motor from the power source. A button must be pressed in order for the motor starter to engage and start the machine and its motors.

  2. It prevents restarts after an interlocked guard is closed.
    Without a motor starter, interlocked safety guards would stop the machine if opened and would also start the machine up immediately after the guard was closed. Not only is it very dangerous to wire a machine this way, it is also a dangerous misuse of the interlock switches. Limit switches and interlock switches were never designed or intended to control motor current loads.

  3. It prevents damage to equipment.
    Our motor starter boxes have built in thermal overload relays for protection. If ever the motor stalls due to a very heavy cut or because of mechanical or electrical failure a protection device inside the starter box immediately turns off the system. A manual reset must then be performed after the cause of the problem is diagnosed and detected.

motor starter box

Simple motor starter box

Fully wired and built to your specifications at our facilities. The simple motor starter box is recommended for machines/motors that are under 220 volts.

Before ordering please have the following information available. Most of this information you will find directly on the motor name plate:

  • Voltage of motor(s) (120v/220v/etc.)
  • FLA (Full load amps) of motor(s)
  • Is the machine a one phase or three phase power system?
  • If line voltage is over 220 volts an external transformer is recommended for the control system. Please contact us for more details.

The motor starter box includes:

  • Contactor/relay for up to 18 amps
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Start/stop and twist release emergency button.
  • Optional yellow background for E-stop button in French, English or bilingual
  • Double insulated heavy duty plastic enclosure.
  • cULus and CSA approved
  • Schematic diagrams included
  • Free installation support

Special price: $295.00

New price: $229.00

Custom made motor starter panel

Custom Built Motor Starter Panel

Recommended for machines that requires voltages over 220 volts, reversing three phase motors or safety relay systems.

We are able to quickly custom builds electrical enclosures to meet your needs. We are equipped to build panels of any design according to your specifications.

Motor starter panel include one or more of the following options (built to your specifications):

  • Contactor/relays for any size motor(s)
  • Thermal motor overload protection
  • Buttons mounted on panel or mounted externally
  • Your choice of enclosure:
    • NEMA 4 rated enclosures
    • Plastic or fiberglass
    • Painted Metal
    • Stainless Steel
    • Sized to your needs
  • Control transformer to step down high voltages
  • Safety relay system
  • All components fused and grounded to CSA standards
  • cULus and CSA approved components
  • Schematic diagrams included

Motor starter panels must be installed by qualified personnel.

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