Cylindrical grinder safety guards

Cylindrical grinders are one of the most dangerous machines in any shop. The grinding wheels spin at high speeds and if not carefully used, may shatter and send debris flying towards the operator and bystanders at great velocity. It is important to install specially engineered guards for use on your cylindrical grinders.


Our cylindrical grinder guards are made from heavy gauge steel and highly resistant polycarbonate screens. These guards are installed directly in front of the grinding wheel protecting the operator from accidental wheel shattering, sparks and chips. The screen itself is moveable thanks to a wheel and rail system installed in front of the table. The rail system can be positioned such that all control levers and buttons are still accessible.


Our cylindrical grinder guards come equipped with a latching safety interlock switch. The machine can only be enabled when the door is closed. Once the machine is set in motion, the guard locks in position and cannot be opened until hydraulics or grinding wheel is retracted.

The following is a list of products that we offer that are available for surface grinders.

Product Code Description Sample Image
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Universal cylindrical grinder safeguard made of steel with a single shockproof transparent screen. Safety guard comes complete with a solenoid latching interlock switch. This guard is installed on the front of the machine directly in front of the operator. The guard moves on a rail/roller system and can be moved out of the way for machine setup. Rail comes in a variety of sizes. Screen size can be made to order.


We are able to custom build safety guards to your specifications. Please send us a drawing so that we can give you a proper quote.

PR Cylindrical grinder guard
PR/3 This is the same type of guarding as above, but with two screens instead of one. Screens latch together to stop movement.
PR Cylindrical grinder guard